About Us

About Us

Nottingham Minibus and Coach Hire has been running for a very long time and this period has now passed over ten years. We have provided vast service levels to many small, medium and large firms which are both public and private.

Our special fully trained customer service team has been working extremely hard to provide answers to online quotes with the correct quotes. This team is available 24 hours a day and mainly deals with online quotes. Some of the key factors they will consider are vehicle type, price, access and driver availability. We aim to deal with each quote within 15 minutes of receiving it through our enquiry system.

You can always ring us if you prefer talking to someone. Instant quotes over the telephone can be provided and even answers to alternative queries. All staff have been trained on geographical locations.

We will take extra precautions in assessing vehicles and their roadworthiness. We try to find vehicles which have been on the road for less than six years.

Over the last few years we have been recognised by newspapers for our professional conduct and reliability.