Nottingham Coach Company

The two main services we offer fall under the headings of Nottingham Minibus Hire and also Nottingham Coach Company Hire. We can offer this service together if required or as a separate entity. Going of the number of people in a group, the coach hire service is for groups in the region of sixteen plus and the minibus service is for groups in the region of eight to fourteen people.

However, where a journey is long distance, a coach may be best suited regardless of group size. This is because more facilities are on offer which includes mini fridge, toilet, DVD players, fridges and many other extras. Such services may also offer you overnight availability.

We feel it is very important for our customer service team to help you make the right decision, by providing as much information as possible regarding your transaction in order for you to make an educated decision.

We have learnt over the years that specific needs of the group are deemed the most important aspect of a booking. Different groups have different luggage, personal and professional needs. Airport journeys are bound to be luggage bound and also trips to sports events will dictate much sports equipment. A minibus may be a better source of transport instead of a coach where cost is an issue.